At KayK Goods we use Belgian and Italian vegetable tanned leather, each hide is hand selected from our local East London leather merchant.

Vegetable tanned leather is processed using a tannin derived from tree bark and other vegetable matter. It is a slow and gentle process which is kinder to both the leather and the environment.

We source at least 80% of our materials locally, and produce our goods with mainly hand operated tools. We are still learning, but being conscious of how we impact the planet is a necessary initiative to make the space we cohabit a better one.


With daily use, leather goods will become supple and moulds to conform to its use and its owner. 

A bit like our skin, leather is affected by the elements and its environment, all of which will deepen the colour, creating a patina. The patina will be richer in areas where the leather is most commonly touched and used (pockets, flaps, etc).


While leather is a forgiving material, it is important to take care of your items to ensure a long life.

In situations where our items may get more than a light shower, it is important to pat the item down with a dry cloth and let it air dry. If the item is truly soaked, stuff with newspaper to enable further water absorption.

To prevent the leather getting brittle with time, avoid direct contact with the sun or artificial heat. It is also advised to condition it every so often with mink or neatsfoot oil (or a trusted conditioner of your choosing). Bear in mind that the oils will darken the leathers colour and require a 24 hour curing period for the oil to fully penetrate.