A Look At Sisterhood Through Song and Dance


I had the opportunity to collaborate with someone I look up to greatly. The multi-talented Aisha Ajona of Coaching With Aisha, a new emerging platform which intends to tackle the thoughts and feelings which often challenge peoples of the diaspora, who also happens to be my younger sister. Growing up as the elder sibling, naturally the pressure of leading by example is prevalent. This runs particularly true in an African background, where old traditions and ideals are upheld regardless of where you reside and the new attitudes that may have been adopted along the way (based on my experiences of course)

Despite that, I have always quietly looked at Aisha as an inspiration, fuel to my fire. I learned that the best way for me to lead, is to be inspired to be better by the talent and tenaciousness that surrounds me, young, old, big and small, as the world is full of offerings, and I lucked out in a major way.

Without restrictions, Aisha wears a Travel Pouch whilst freestyling to Sun El-Musician’s, ‘Akanamali.’ What started out as an idea to capture the versatility of the Travel Pouch, has turned into an exploration of sisterhood, femininity and movement. If you enjoy the vibes, definitely check out Aisha’s instagram @aishaajona, for positive words to keep you going - we all need a pep talk sometimes.